3 Things To Do To Help You Through Chemotherapy

Going through chemotherapy can be a stressful and scary process. Coping with cancer as a whole can be very hard, and the treatment process, while necessary, can be difficult on the body. If you have been diagnosed with cancer and are going to be undergoing chemotherapy in the near future, it can be very helpful to be prepared so you can be as comfortable as possible during the process. Knowing what to expect and preparing for it can make the chemotherapy process much easier. Use the following tips to help you stay comfortable while going through chemotherapy.

Stay Hydrated

Chemotherapy uses medication that targets and kills cancer cells that form tumors. Unfortunately, chemotherapy medication can also kill healthy cells, which can make you feel unwell during treatment. One of the best things that you can do when going through chemotherapy is stay hydrated, especially in the days before and after a chemotherapy session. Chemotherapy can lead to dehydration, so drinking a lot of water the day before can help combat that side effect. Consuming ample water following a chemotherapy session can help flush out the residual chemotherapy medication after it has done its job.

Inquire About Chemo Cold Caps

For many people going through chemotherapy, especially women, one of the hardest side effects to deal with is hair loss. Chemotherapy medication can affect the cells of the hair follicles, leading to the hair falling out. Hair will grow back after chemotherapy is finished, but most people do not want to live with no hair for an extended period of time. One solution is to use a chemo cold cap during the duration of your treatment. A chemo cold cap drastically cools down the scalp, which helps reduce blood flow and prevents the chemo medication from affecting the hair follicles. Many patients who have used chemo cold caps have not lost their hair during treatment. 

Stay on Top of Nausea and Vomiting 

Another side effect that many patients undergoing chemotherapy experience is nausea and vomiting due to the chemotherapy medication. Nausea and vomiting is very uncomfortable, and can make it difficult to maintain day-to-day normalcy. If you find that chemotherapy makes your feel especially nauseous or induces vomiting, talk to your oncologist. There are a number of different medications that can be prescribed to help limit or eliminate nausea and vomiting so you can feel more comfortable while going through your cancer treatment. 

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