Tips For Using Nourishing Facial Oils

Nourishing facial oils can be a lovely addition to your skincare routine. These oils help hydrate the skin, reduce flakiness, and create a more lovely complexion. However, there are some intricacies that come with using facial oils. You'll want to follow these tips when incorporating such oils into your skincare routine.

Use the oil sparingly.

If you're used to using a moisturizer on your face, you may be tempted to use about the same amount of oil. That will end up being too much. With most nourishing facial oils, you only need a few drops. Start with just two or three drops, and see how that covers. If you need a little more, add another drop or two. You want enough oil that your skin barely feels touched by it — not enough to make it feel truly greasy or oily.

Use it at night, if possible.

Some people do use facial oils twice a day. However, unless you have incredibly dry skin, you likely only need to use the oil once a day. Using it at night is preferable to using it in the morning. This way, you won't have to worry about it interacting with your sunscreen, makeup, or any other daytime products you use. The facial oil should be the last thing you apply to your face before going to bed since it would serve as a barrier preventing other products from being absorbed.

Be gentle when applying it.

It may be tempting to rub the oil into your skin if it does not absorb immediately. But this will actually do more harm than good. You may cause your skin to become red and irritated. Smooth the oil on gently, using the tips of your fingers. Then, let it sit. It will absorb on its own, although it may take a few minutes.

Pay close attention to expiration dates.

Oils last a long time, but they do eventually go rancid. You would not want to apply rancid oil to your skin, as it could cause irritation. So, pay close attention to the use-by and expiration dates on your facial oils. Since they're such simple products, they do tend to spoil faster than moisturizers and other formulated products.

Using nourishing facial oils may take some getting used to. But if you do take your time and give your body time to adapt, you'll love what these oils do for your skin.

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