Useful Features For A Professional Hair Dryer

There are few pieces of salon equipment that are as important for any new salon to acquire as hair dryers. These aren't the hand-held hair dryers that you use after your shower at home — rather, they're the professional-grade, large dryers that your clients will sit under for specific periods of time. When you visit a retailer that specializes in salon equipment, you'll notice hair dryers from multiple manufacturers. Assessing each one — and asking for help to better understand the features when needed — can familiarize you with the functionality that each model offers. Here are some useful features that you should look for when you shop for hair dryers.

Built-In Timer

Salon clients need to sit under hair dryers for set intervals of time based on the procedure that they've just received. While salon employees will keep an eye on their clients as they go through this phase, they're often dealing with other clients at the same time. It's ideal if you buy hair dryers that have built-in timers. This functionality will allow the salon employee to program the dryer to run for a specific duration and then shut off. This means that the salon employee doesn't have to constantly be checking the time, which is a distraction while he or she is busy with clients.

Large Hood Diameter

As you look at various professional hair dryers, you may notice that there are different hood diameters available. It's ideal to choose a product that offers as wide of a diameter as possible. Remember, your clients have different amounts of hair and different head sizes. A small hood might be suitable for someone with a smaller head and hair with minimal volume, but it may feel claustrophobic for someone whose head is larger and who has hair with a lot of volume.

Removable Air Filter

Every salon has an obligation to keep its equipment clean for clients, and this includes taking care of the hair dryers. Cleaning the hair dryers proficiently involves more than just wiping them down when necessary. It's ideal if you can find a model of hair dryer that has a removable air filter. Like any air filter, the filter inside of a hair dryer gets dirty over time. Being able to remove it to clean it or replace it will ensure that the air flowing in the hood of this piece of equipment smells fresh for your clients.

Look for a professional who sells salon equipment to see what's available. 

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