2 Things To Do Before Heading To The Tanning Salon

During the summer, a gorgeous tan can make you look like you just got home from a luxurious vacation while simultaneously making your eyes and teeth look whiter and brighter. While many people achieve even tans from spending time outdoors, others are too busy to dedicate a portion of their daily life to gardening or lounging by the pool. Fortunately, tanning salons give you the chance to recreate that look in far less time. Here are two things you should take care of before heading to a tanning salon and why. 

1.    Understand Your Skin Type

Everyone is different, which is why tanning is much harder for some folks than it is for others. However, by understanding your individual skin type, you can develop realistic expectations from your tanning experience. 

The Fitzpatrick scale was developed in 1975 and designed to help people to understand their body's reaction to sunlight. Ranging from skin type 1, which always burns and never tans, to skin type 6, which never freckles and always tans deeply, checking out the scale before you head to the salon could help you to find the perfect settings for your tanning bed. 

For instance, if you are skin type 1, you may want to avoid the tanning salon if you tend to freckle. However, knowing that you are skin type 2, which can tan with a more gentle approach, you may decide to start your tanning sessions with the shortest possible amount of time and work upwards after you have developed a base tan. 

2.    Stock Up On Lotion

If you have ever wondered why sunbathers love tanning lotion, the fact of the matter is that the benefits extend beyond that delicious coconut scent. Certain tanning lotions contain oils that help your skin to reflect fewer UV rays, which can speed up the tanning process. Others are designed to moisturize the skin deeply, preventing unnecessary skin cell shedding and extending the life of your tan. 

Before you head to the tanning salon, think about what you want out of your session, and choose the appropriate lotion. If you have a skin type that tends to burn, you may even want to consider selecting a tanning lotion with a low-level SPF, giving you more control over the amount of light your skin absorbs. 

If you aren't sure which lotion is right for your tanning goals, talk with the professionals at the tanning studio to get their opinion. Oftentimes, tanning professionals sell lotion on-site, making it easy to get what you need when you go. 

If you are interested in achieving that golden bronze look, check out a tanning salon in your area. Look for a salon that has a variety of different tanning beds and that takes cleanliness seriously. Ask to take a tour of various salons before selecting a studio, and remember to bring along some headphones to make your tanning experience even more enjoyable. 

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