Learn How To Have A Custom Wig Created Just For You

If you have damaged hair that has started to break off at the root, you may want to consider wearing a wig until your hair can grow back to a length where you feel happy and confident. For many women, buying a wig off a shelf in a store can be difficult because the wig does not provide them with the exact fit that they need. Fortunately, you can have a custom wig created to wear on a daily basis. The following guide walks you through the process for having a custom wig created:

Choose the Type of Hair You Want Used to Create the Wig

You first need to choose the hair that you want the stylist to use when they create your wig for you. You can choose to purchase synthetic hair or real human hair. Human hair will be more expensive, but it is worth investing in because you can style it in many ways that you cannot style the synthetic hair.

Choose the Length of Hair You Want Used to Create the Wig

When the wig is created, it is important to realize that the hair you purchase will lose roughly half an inch to an inch of its length when it is attached to the netting. You need to be sure to compensate for the length that will be used when you purchase it. You can have the wig styled any way you choose after it is created so it is best to get hair that is longer than you want the wig to be when it is finished so that you can have it properly styled.

Choose the Color of Hair You Want Used to Create the Wig

If you do not want to save money on the wig and use synthetic hair, you need to choose the color you want the hair to be when the wig is finished from the start. If you want to have highlights in the wig, you need to buy the lighter strands at the same time as the darker strands so that they can be added together when the wig is being made.

Take all of your supplies to a professional wig creator. They will be able to attach the hair to the netting so that it looks as natural as possible when it is done. A custom-made wig will be more expensive than one that you can buy in the store, but it will fit your head perfectly, which may be worth the investment in the end.

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