Learning To Love Your Hair After Menopause

As you enter into menopause, your body's estrogen levels will begin to decline. Since the hormone is responsible for creating a feminine appearance in the body, lower estrogen levels usually means dryer, duller, thinner hair. If you're going through your change of life, here's what you can do to keep your aging mane looking as soft and beautiful as ever.

Wash Less

Shampoo is formulated to strip the hair and scalp of excess oil. As your estrogen levels decline, your scalp will naturally produce less oil, thus requiring less shampoo. It can be tricky to find the right balance, but start by cutting the number of times you wash your hair per week in half and, on those days, condition and rinse only. If you absolutely can't skip washing your hair, opt for a sulfate-free shampoo or dry shampoo. These shampoos gently soak up excess oil without actually stripping the lubrication from the scalp and hair.

Avoid All-Over Color

If your hair is beginning to appear flat or dull, an all-over color is not the answer for you. Instead, opt for highlights and lowlights to add the illusion of body and luster. Balayage highlights are a great solution for aging hair because the highlights are gently swept on by the stylist without the need for a harsh chemical process. The stylist can precisely target any gray hairs you wish to cover up without having to subject your scalp to coloring agents that might dry it out and lead to more damage. 

Get The Right Cut

If you've been avoiding cutting your hair because you think more is always better, it's time to schedule an appointment with your hairdresser. Straight, long haircuts can make aging hair seem weighted down and tired. If you must keep your length, have your hairdresser cut in long layers that frame your crown and the sides of your face. This will provide your hair with bounce, making it appear softer and more feminine.

If you're a bit more daring, go ahead and ask for a face-framing pixie cut. This shortcut provides texture and body, making your hair seem fuller and shinier. Furthermore, lopping off the years of processed hair will feel wonderful.

As you enter your change of life, your hair will undoubtedly go through many changes as your estrogen levels decrease. Combat lower estrogen levels with the above tips, and learn to love your aging mane. For more information, contact Jax & King Salon or a similar location.

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